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Your own safety is at stake when your neighbor's wall is ablaze.
~ Horace

Neighborhood Watch Alerts for Communities

Does your community have an active Neighborhood Watch Program? Have you had one in the past that has gone dormant? Looking to start one? Or are you just looking to bring your local community together? Regardless of your situation, is the right place for you!

The Benefits:
According to research, both formal and informal Neighborhood Watch programs reduce crime, on average, by 16%. This works because YOU know your neighborhood! You know who belongs and who doesn't, what's normal and what looks out of place, who's on vacation and who's just out for a stroll. Unless a police officer lives and works in your neighborhood, they can't possibly know what's out of place or recognize suspicious activity like you can! By becoming aware of what's happening in your own neighborhood you are better equipped to safeguard yourself, your family and your property and to help police put criminals behind bars!

By using Neighborhood Watch Alerts to electronically notify or receive alerts from your neighbors via email and text messaging, you can speed the time of notification from days to almost instant making you and your neighborhood safer.

Invite Your Neighbors:
With our easy to use Invite system you can easily invite all your neighbors, friends and family. This makes it easy to build a solid online community!

Have a few hesitant community members? Not a problem! They don't have to send alerts to participate (but they will, when the time is right!). They can still get alerts from other members of your community, plus all the alerts from participating local police departments, AMBER Alerts, and emergency alerts from different agencies of the state and Federal government, such as FEMA, NOAA, NWS for emergency weather alerts, and terror alerts from DHS.

By using email and text alerts to alert your neighbors and by receiving alerts from your neighbors you can be more aware, enhance your personal safety and the safety of those you love! is the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to bring crime alerts to your community.

Neighborhood Watch Alerts

Community based Electronic Neighborhood Watch Alerts by Email and Text Messaging

Email and Text Messaging (SMS) Neighborhood Watch Alerts
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