Neighborhood Watch Alerts

- Neighborhood Watch Alerts via Email or Text Messaging
- Free Email and Text Message Neighborhood Crime Alerts
- Police Departments can send alerts to all citizens
- Fire Departments can send alerts to all citizens
- Emergency Management Agencies can send alerts to all citizens


City, County and State Police
Fire and Emergency Management Agencies

Neighborhood Watch Alerts allows city, county, state police and Emergency Management Agencies to send targeted public safety alerts to civilians within their jurisdiction.

Alert Types:
You put your communities on alert when crime happens in their neighborhoods. You can send alerts about:

  • Home Invasions
  • Burglaries
  • Car Thefts
  • Silver Alerts or other Missing Persons
  • Road Closures
  • Water Boil Alerts
  • Hurricane Warnings and Recovery
  • Tornado Warnings and Recovery
  • Earthquake Recovery
  • Wildfire Evacuations
  • Any other natural disaster, recovery or aid process

People will flock to your public warnings in a crisis. Experience shows time and again that people might not find crime alerts or preparedness messages compelling but when a crisis looms or happens, if you are not prepared for the onslaught in demand (some sites can see an 10,000% increase in traffic seeking info), you can find yourself overwhelmed and unable to respond.

Pay attention to social media and you'll find that people will generate their own messages, fact or fiction, with or without you! This is your opportunity to keep the public informed with real, accurate information.

By keeping people informed, neighbors know you care, you're involved and ahead of the game!

Using our custom targeting you can make sure your message hits the neighborhoods that need to be informed. We give you all the options you need:

  • Custom defined zones
  • Using an address as a zone center
  • By zip code
  • By city*
  • By county*
  • By state*

To enroll as a Police Officer:

  1. Complete our general sign-up process using your work email address
  2. Use our contact form to have our tech support department upgrade your status to 'Police Officer'

Remember, the requirements for this are:

  1. Badge or employee #
  2. Verifiable work email address (i.e.
Once you have a fully verified account, you can begin using our state-of-the-art system to stay in touch with your community.

Want to automate alerts? Once you're logged in, you may access our API link page where you can get information on accessing our API or SOAP server and send alerts automatically!

To help make the process of signing up members of your community easier, we have developed some banners that you can place on your site. These are free, and we've really done all the programming for you. All you have to do is click on this link and copy the code for the banner you need to your clip board. Then open your html file and paste the code in at the location where you want the banner to display. It's that easy!

*City Chiefs may only target their city; County Sheriffs all areas within their county, including cities; State police and Emergency Management Authorities may target their entire state or any part thereof.

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No person shall impersonate a peace officer, private police officer, federal law enforcement officer, or any government or elected official and such crimes are punishable by fines, imprisonment or both and attempts by users to impersonate a law enforcement official will be promptly reported.

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