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Your own safety is at stake when your neighbor's wall is ablaze.
~ Horace

Who Benefits From Utility Service
Outage Alerting?

Utility services are probably the most essential component of our infrastructure and, in one form or another, required by every home and business in America. When outages occur, it directly effects individual and public safety. Lives depend on the restoration of services.

What happens when a utility service gets interrupted? You get phone calls. Not just one or two, but almost every affected customer will call to report the outage or to learn when service will be restored.

The Benefits:
By participating in our utility reporting service, you can keep your customers informed of outages and estimated restoration times, all while lessening the load on your own infrastructure and reducing the frustration of your staff and customers. In addition to outage and restoration alerts, you can provide other emergency information like:

  • Water boil warnings
  • How to report a downed power line
  • How to report a broken gas main
  • Advise about special numbers set up to handle a particular emergency

For most utility providers, you already have the technology in place to participate, and for those who don't, or who don't want to wait on the IT staff, we have an easy to use interface that allows you to target specific areas and specific types of structures (businesses, condos, single family homes, etc.).

Why Us?
Because we're proactive and not reactive. You get the message out, when you need it out and targeted to exactly where you need it! Let's look at some of your other options:

  • Social Media - Not everyone uses social media, and requiring members of a community to log in to a site to get the most up to date information is alarmingly restrictive, PLUS you end up feeding updates to people in unaffected areas, which desensitizes people
  • Traditional Media - Unless its a "breaking event," your updates will go out during the regularly scheduled newscast which could be hours away
  • In-house - Many larger utilities have their own in-house alerting systems but those systems require users to sign-up. Users can't possibly sign up to all the available services from all of the available utilities. Run the numbers and you'll find that just a tiny percentage of your customers have signed up for your service and by contrast we have the ability to reach millions of people.

We are a single source solution. We offer neighbor to neighbor alerts, police to community alerts, AMBER Alerts, FEMA, NOAA, NWS and DHS alerts, and now utility alerts. We provide a single point of notification that gives people the most accurate and up to date information available.

Long Term:
By developing to our API you will be ready to support the FEMA IPAWS messaging system and this can you a real head start in the process. is the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to bring crime and public safety alerts to your community.

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